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The city of Brazil called "New Egypt" for the amount of pyramidal scams

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Cabo Frío, una ciudad brasileña famosa por sus playas, pasó a ser conocida como el "New Egypt" debido a la cantidad de estafas piramidales asociadas a criptomonedas que allí se descubrieron. Un hombre está acusado de engañar a más de 27.000 people.La ciudad de Brasil que llaman La ciudad de Brasil que llaman

The promise of investing in these digital assets and gaining 10% annual profits sounded attractive to many.That offered Acácio Dos Santos Glaidson, an ex -chief turned into a billionaire.Brazil's police accuse him of deceiving more than 27.000 people.

In April, federal agents broke into the helipad of a coastal hotel in the state of Rio de Janeir3 million dollars.

La ciudad de Brasil que llaman

The detainees said they worked for G.A.S. Consulting & Technology, una empresa de inversión en criptomonedas fundada por Dos Santos, la figura central de lo que sería una de las mayores estafas piramidales masivas.

Currently, Dos Santos is in a prison in Rio de Janeiro, waiting for a trial for positions that include extortion, financial crimes and ordering the murder or trying to kill two commercial competitors.It is also being investigated for the attempted murder of a third competitor.

"New Egypt"

Cryptocurrency fever in Brazil has reached several cities in the hands of years of financial and political crisis.People saw in virtual currencies a way to protect themselves from the depreciation of the Brazilian real and inflation.

This "fashion" has not left out Crue.But seeing the attractiveness of the "business", other competitors wanted to enter the ring, generating the fury of Dos Santos.

The fraud

The former waiter promised his clients a monthly return of 10% on his investments, in contracts that could last 12 to 48 months.A promise that contained an attractive message: they would recover all its initial investment at the end of the contract, and all risk free.

According to prosecutors, customers deposited money in bank accounts that were administered by "managing partners" and they transferred the money to Dos Santos or his wife, Mirelis Yoseline Díaz Zerpa.In their accounts, they used it for their personal expenses, they bought traditional cryptocurrencies and financial assets or simply used it to pay other members of the scheme.

In their investigation, the authorities discovered that the company did not have the bitcoin that they told their clients that they would buy.

For experts, these situations occur because the laws that regulate cryptocurrencies in Brazil are very indulgent and help people like two saints to deceive people.Even so, prosecutors have identified at least 27.000 victims in 13 Brazilian states and even 7 other countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom and Portugal.

Deaths associated with the scam

In turn, in April, the billionaire commented on its partners that there were rivals invading its territory by WhatsApp, as intercepted by the police.Four months later, Wesley Pessano, a cryptocurrency merchant, was shot dead in his Porsche.

The authorities also link dos Santos with two more facts.On March 20, a merchant was shot while driving his BMW per Cabo Frío, while three months later, the operator of another company was attacked and his car received 40 impacts.Both survived.

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